We are a small group of fierce believers in the potential of smartbowl to change the way people think about cooking and eating. We believe that smartbowl technology is a game changer and can help people eat better, faster and easier than ever before.

Smartbowl inspires busy people to eat better, freshly-prepared, more nutritious food. Through the game-changing power of smartbowl technology we believe our product is the go-to tool for every kitchen, helping to inspire and transform everyday cooking.

See What Kind of Difference a Simple Bowl Can Make


I teach my 4 boys that they have the ability to change the world. When we hear about a big problem, I encourage them to brainstorm ways to fix it. How can we help? How can the problem be solved? Our world needs to nurture and cultivate game-changers who can think of creative ways to solve the planet’s big problems.

Two years ago, I went back to work after staying home with my 4 boys for 10 years. I took being a stay-at-home mom very seriously (I’m type-A). I planned meals, grocery shopped, prepped, baked, roasted, steamed, braised- you name it, I did it- and I loved every minute of it. Imagine the hungriest person you know and quadruple it. These boys can EAT.

After I went back to work cooking (something I had always enjoyed) became a chore because my schedule became so much more hectic. I ate poorly because I was busy working all the time. I was constantly stressed trying to get meals on the table quickly because I refused to feed my boys food I didn’t feel good about. This changed when I came across a new product that seemed too good to be true. Quite simply, it was a game changer. It was smartbowl.

At first, it was hard to believe how good the food was when we used smartbowl– especially in the microwave. I had only ever used the microwave to reheat and thaw meals (and my coffee 6 times a day), but here I was cooking tender, delicious food quicker than I could order takeout!  My smartbowl is the only thing I will put in the microwave because it’s crafted of the highest quality materials because I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals that will leach into my families’ food… and because it helpsme eat better, feed my family better and simplifies my life. I’M IN!

For me and many, smartbowl is about using technology to cook smarter. I realized that I could take 2 minutes to make something great for myself. Then, I started using smartbowl to help me make nutritious meals for my family– even if I only had 20 minutes to do it before running out the door.

I really do still love to cook traditionally. When I have the time, I’ll take a couple hours to make a meal. Most times, I’ll use smartbowl in some way because it simplifies things. Wouldn’t we all rather cook smarter, not harder?

My wish is that smartbowl becomes the game-changer in millions of homes, transforming meals through technology that relieves the pressure associated with feeding yourself and your family something delicious and nutritious when you’re pressed for time. This will create happier, healthier people and families that come together to share meals around their tables more often.

Smart Cooking to you and the ones you love!

God bless,

Tricia Frigo
Founder and Fanatic