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This bowl system has transformed the way I eat every single day. Forget processed foods. I prep and pack my bowls for the day, so meals are ready in minutes. I have fresh oatmeal with chia and fruit for breakfast which cooks in one minute. I have fish for lunch, plus it’s the perfect portion in the medium bowl! Eating with smartbowl has helped me gain energy and lose weight. I cook veggies, mac and cheese, and meatballs for the kids in these and they love them- they don’t want their veggies cooked any other way now. Thanks so much Smartbowl.P.S. Smartbowls are great for reheating meats, you’d never guess it was reheated in a microwave, it’s so juicy.

Julie, Teacher and mother of two from Chicago

by Anonymous on Blank Product Name


After seeing the smartbowl demonstrated on, I knew right away that this was a product for me. I prepare meals weekly for my 89-year-old mother and found such ease when cooking with the smartbowl. The recipes are easy-to-follow, very delicious and nutritious. Clean up is a breeze and makes the entire cooking process easy to manage. I also recommend purchasing the cookbook, “Smart Cooking" by Celebrity Chef Art Smith. It is written specifically for cooking in the smartbowl. Try a couple of new recipes each week and before you realize it, you will have entire month’s repertoire of super-speedy fresh, healthy meals! These are recipes you will want to make again and again. Soon enough, you can’t imagine how you cooked without them.

Nancy from San Francisco