Farmer’s Markets 101
SMARTBOWL | February 5, 2016

Supporting Local Farmers is the first step in Smart Living. smartbowl™  was created specifically to help you eat delicious fresh food without compromising your time or the pace of modern life.


Choosing fresh produce, grown in season and farm- picked with attention to quality and ripeness whenever possible, is the surest way to make sure you have the best tasting and most nutritious fruits, veggies, herbs, greens and other fresh foods available.

Developing a relationship with farmers, getting to know them even a little, means that you start to connect with what you eat and what you’re feeding your family— and that you’ll be in the know about what’s good, what’s plentiful and what’s just not growing well.

You have to shop for food regardless. Being at the market is also a great way to connect with family, friends and neighbors—those who you bring and those who you casually bump into just as you’re taking a bite of something delicious.

…A little fresh air, lots of great food and people who are passionate about what they do. This is a Smart Living moment!


Tips on Vising Farmer’s Markets:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  2. Bring shopping bags with you. If you intend to buy eggs, meats, seafood or dairy, make sure you have an insulated cooler or cooling bag and ice packs with you.
  3. Bring Cash. Some vendors accept mobile paying options, others do not. At some markets, you even purchase chips or tokens worth a certain amount of money to use at stalls. Still, having cash ensures that you won’t need to stand in line.
  4. Look under tables and stalls. Not all green markets are farmers’ markets. Make sure that the produce is coming from a local farm.
  5. Come caffeinated and on a relatively empty stomach but stop by for a fruit juice or similar on the way in… just in case that pastry chef, or the man with the ribs every Saturday ends up calling your name.
  6. Be ready to smell, touch and taste. You are shopping for freshness, flavor and quality.
  7. Bring your well behaved dog on a leash.

Remember… When you think twice about bringing something home, do. Your smartbowl™ performs better, faster— and dishes are more delicious when you use fresh in-season vegetables.


Smart Flavor Tips:

Purchase food according to the colors of the rainbow. Stock up on herbs to use in soups, salads and dressings.

You can freeze herbs in a silicone ice cube tray and pull them out as a secret ingredient for pasta, soup, or marinade in no-time.

Farmer’s Markets are also great places to purchase teas and spices.

Check out these great recipes to smartbowl using your farmer’s market goodies

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