Fast Meal Prep | How Can I Keep Prepared Food Fresh?
SMARTBOWL | September 7, 2017

Fast meal prep can be a lifesaver in the busiest of times. You can toss together meals the night before and store them overnight – or even longer! But, how exactly do they stay fresh? And how can you ensure that meats and dairies are still safe to eat after a day or two? A silicon lid and vacuum seal cooking is a great way to lock in freshness!

Why a Silicone Lid?

The Smartbowl lid is a medical grade silicone. This means that particles and bacteria are not a concern for prepped meals as they won’t get trapped in the material. Also, depending on the meat content and storage temperature, your food can last days.

how does a vacuum seal help with fast meal prep cooking

How Does a Vacuum Seal Work?

A vacuum seal can keep the items in a container fresh by protecting them from the air and the particles within it. Vacuum seal pushes it out and creates a regulated, pressurized area. This is great for ensuring the taste of freshness in a prepped meal. When it comes time to cook your prepped meal, the vacuum seal featured on every Smartbowl will encourage the production of steam. This allows for fast and moisture-rich cooking, as well as a more flavorful result!

Want Fast Meal Prep?

The Smartbowl system is a great tool to have for fast meal prep! With a vacuum-sealed, pressurized environment created with our silicone lid, you can get breakfasts, lunches, and dinners ready for the week without a worry! Check out our system and get started with your very own Smartbowl system!

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