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SMARTBOWL | March 4, 2016

Now that you have your smartbowl™ system to help you keep that promise to yourself to eat more fresh, nutritious, flavorful food daily, here is one resource we love to make it even more simple.


Some farmers run their own Community Supported Agriculture program, or Farm Share Program(CSA). CSAs are subscriptions to farm-fresh greens, veggies, herbs—and sometimes more (bread CSAs are gaining popularity) that get delivered from or picked up at a local farm during growing season.

These programs were put in place for you to invest in a farmer’s work and product and in return, receive a “share” of the bounty, which also helps local families eat more fresh, seasonal food– and support a local business at the same time.


How it works:

Different farms have different rules and systems but generally, you choose a size box you would like to pick up or have delivered weekly, then you sign up for it. Some farms ask that you pay in advance, others don’t you can arrange in installments.

You will be assigned a drop-off or pick up location closest to you. Some also deliver.

Show up with your reusable shopping bags and bring home nature’s bounty. Smart, right?

CSA boxes at home and farm visits make sure kids are interested and connected to fresh food from an early age. Make a game our of receiving your CSA box each week, engage in exploring ingredients together and being silly, “playing with your food”.


Once you subscribe, farmers generally host Open House days, when you’ll be invited to visit the farm to tour, taste and take home delicious goodies to make in your smartbowl™. Kids can come too! On farm visits, enjoy the faces and hearts of your little ones beam when they pull a radish, carrot or beet from the ground or a raised bed. Dirty little hands make for great memories and photos!


To find out if your favorite local grower has his or her own CSA program, For a list of Farm Shares available in your community, visit Local Harvest, a website dedicated to bring farmers and eaters closer together.

Stay-tuned this spring, summer and fall for our smartbowl™ CSA recipe contest on Instagram. Rules and dates to come shortly.

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