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SMARTBOWL | February 19, 2016

Smart Living means that you set the pace to your life; you decide not only what’s important,  and that you have the tools to make that happen when you want and where you want. 


For So Many Years, we’ve allowed ourselves to believe that to protect our time and our money we had to sacrifice. For the sake of convenience, we’re to accept that foods with preservatives were what we could eat; that to make and enjoy a family dinner meant that you must spend a long time in the kitchen; making elaborate dishes from scratch–

Not wanting to sacrifice time or money for convenience became a little of a badge of honor—one that if worn, pulls down the heart every day. We’re all running around in secret guilt and shame because we know, that all of this “convenience” is harmful to our health, is harmful to our families—and is harmful to the environment.

Let’s stop it. We’ve been taught that to have one thing, you had to almost fully give up another. We know that’s wrong. Let’s just simplify our lives. Let’s subscribe to Smart Living.

Using smartbowl™ is deciding what’s important to you and your family on your own terms;  nourishing the people you love and spending time with them over a meal, making the space for you to feel good.

Put yourself first. You know what’s right for you. Trust yourself.

Is eating more delicious, fresh, vibrant food important to you?

Is the feeling of spending under 20 minutes to make a great weeknight dinner better than picking it up on the way home? (that usually also takes more time, doesn’t it?)


Is crunching on a textured salad with fresh veggies and flavorful dressing more delicious and faster to eat at lunchtime than something that’s been sitting on a shelf that you have to stand in line for?


Wouldn’t a warm bowl of soup made in under 10 minutes be just what the doctor ordered sometimes?

If cooking is not pleasurable for you- or you don’t know how to boil water– shouldn’t you still be able to make delicious meals in minutes? Are you left to a life of overly-preserved, salty take out? Will your legacy be piles of styrofoam, paper and plastic? That makes no sense, right?

Does your heart often sink when you “grab a salad” or take out and you sit there and just look at all of that paper and plastic you know isn’t going anywhere?

Smart Living starts today, the day you put yourself first and decided that you don’t want to compromise.

 smartbowl™ simple recipes in minutes

Set the Pace to your life: Chef Art Smith’s Smart Cooking Cookbook

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