Smart Kitchen Summit
SMARTBOWL | January 24, 2017

One of smartbowl’s biggest highlights from 2016 was our sponsorship of the Smart Kitchen Summit– an incredible conference that explores the intersection of tech, food, and design. The room was packed with innovators, product developers, chefs, technology gurus, and nutrition experts. working side-by-side to make cooking easier by making the products in your kitchen smarter.


This was an exhilarating experience. We showcased the technology of smartbowl by cooking live for 300 participants and in two minutes, changed hearts and minds. No one ever thought that food cooked in less than five minutes could be that delicious from a microwave. Everyone at the Summit had super-busy lives and immediately understood how smartbowl could help them eat better with minimal effort. Chef Art’s delicious recipes combined with the breakthrough technology of smartbowl, always ended in shock and awe. And that reaction never gets old!

LEFT: Food industry entrepreneurs join in the fun at the smartbowl booth. CENTER: Celebrity Chef Art Smith Serves 5 minute Bread Pudding to our guests. RIGHT: Chef Art with former NFL football player Lawyer Milloy and smartbowl Founder Tricia Frigo.

The people I met at the summit were wildly inspiring. Innovators and disruptors with the vision to predict how we will shop for, cook, store and prepare our food in the future and how we can use technology to save time and money in the process. Exactly what we are solving at smartbowl. I felt a kinship with this group—and their energy. We’re all working toward the same goal.

LEFT: Kim Yorio demonstrates smartbowl technology. CENTER: Modernist Cuisine visionary Nathan Myhrvold stops by to say hello. RIGHT: Smartbowl sets and Smart Cooking Cookbook by Chef Art Smith.

We’re working to bring you better products and tools to improve your experience of cooking.  For me, it’s practically instant spicy shrimp tacos for my four starving boys before basketball practice. It’s a healthy lunch of salmon and kale for me between meetings and volunteering at school. It’s chocolate cake my 9-year-old makes for his brothers as a special treat.  Smartbowl might solve something else for you—saving money by bringing a delicious, healthy fun lunch to work or simply extending the life of your produce by storing it in a vacuum-sealed environment. Whatever your challenge may be, time, money, disinterest in cooking, no skills in the kitchen, trying to eat healthy, managing your portions, smartbowl is here to help. Check us out and let me know what you think.

Happy Smartcooking,



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