smartbowl 101

Studies show that glass is one of the safest and cleanest materials for cooking and storing food.

Temperature resistant, super-lightweight and strong, your smartbowl system is safe to use in and to & from the freezer, oven, refrigerator, microwave and stove top (under a moderate ame) without breaking. Of course, it is dishwasher safe too!

The Glass is made of state-of-the-art light-weight borosilicate lab glass—the kind scientists use in a lab. It has superior thermal conductivity- which means it get hot, fast (be mindful of steam!).

The Lid is made of medical grade silicone, which can be heated up to 750 degrees (most food-grade silicone used for kitchen tools is deemed safe only up to 450 degrees).

The glass bowl and silicone lid work so well together that they create an unique cooking environment that using super-saturated steam (what happens when heat water and vapor work together), yielding juicy food that is heated quickly and evenly every time, making hot spots, funny smells and odd textures commonly found in microwave cooking so 20th century.

smart technology: smartbowl cooks simultaneously from the inside- out (microwave) and the outside-in (super-saturated steam environment). This significantly reduces cooking time which preserves vitamins and nutrients.

smart dual-venting system: while cooking, the lid opens on its own to release steam and control moisture and temperature, ensuring consistent cooking temperatures, even-cooking and juicy, delicious food.

Before You Start Cooking

Check the your microwave’s wattage! Every microwave is dierent. As in other cooking methods, cooking times will fluctuate slightly. The cooking times suggested will serve as a guide to help you get your cooking times close to where they should be.

Always err on less cooking time. Check food and add time in small increments. Don’t assume that if you double the recipe, you double the time. Always err on the side of less cooking time— you can always add, but you can’t take back!

Push down to seal the lid.

Push down the valve to release the air.

After cooking, remove smartbowl™ with pot holders.

Open lid away from you to release steam.

Help! I heard my lid Pop!

That’s ok! The lid may open during cooking to prevent overcooking. This is a good thing–  It ensures that steam is released and ensures juicy, delicious, evenly-cooked food.

Caution! Be careful—smartbowl Gets Really Hot! smartbowl™ conducts heats very well and quickly.

  • Always use dry oven mitts, potholders, folded kitchen towels or silicone trivets or mitts when handling smartbowl after it’s been in the oven, stove or microwave.
  • Always open the smartbowl away from you.
  • Always be mindful of the amount of liquid you use in your smartbowl. You want to leave enough room for the super saturated steam created during cooking to circulate.